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It was announced on September 7, 2017, that Australia would be participating in a non-binding postal survey on whether people of the same sex should be extended the right to marry.

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Bounce youreyes. Starve your flesh. More than 16 million surveys were sent out by the ABS earlier this month to homes in all corners of the country, as people have their say on legalising same- sex marriage.

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Online, available at: www.abs.gov.au/ausstats. Australians in remote locations or travelling overseas will be offered a "paperless vote" on same-sex marriage rather than a postal vote. Some of the multiplying-factors which occur most frequently are: Backcross monohybrid recessive S.E.x abs.1:1 = 1: 155 X S.E.X abs.3:1 S.E.x abs.9:7 = 1. 146 X S.E.x abs.3:1 dihybrid with segregation S.E.x abs.3:13 = 0,901 X S.E.x abs.

While much female sex work appears to contradict somewhat idealised con- structs of femininity, male sex work often seeks to affirm as well as challenge the more hegemonic Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (2012) 'Height and weight'.

Same-sex couple statistics released by Australian Bureau of Statistic. Million Aussies have voted. WITH a one week to go before same-sex marriage postal survey closes, the ABS has revealed how many Aussies have voted.

Debbie [email protected] · news.com.auOctober 31, 20173:34pm. So, the scientists tell us women like chiselled abs and massive biceps. But is this really a great cultural moment to be reinforcing toxic gender stereotypes, asks freelance journalist Peter Ormerod. Ten million people are now estimated to have voted in the same-sex marriage survey and returned their forms.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show 62.5. AUSTRALIANS have resoundingly voted Yes to legalise same-sex marriage after the Australian Bureau of Statistics drew out the answer to the $122 million question. The ABS will send out about 600000 forms on Tuesday, starting with Australians living in remote locations.

Legal experts are baffled the same-sex marriage vote will be put in the hands of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, rather than the Australian Electoral Commission.